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Live at St George’s Bristol, 2023

‘Three Cane Whale create a soundtrack for nature itself. Listening to the three of them almost becomes a way of recharging the batteries, a way to pump a vital life force into the veins.’ (Bristol 24/7)

‘Like Trumpton via XTC via Nucleus and then again something other altogether…Their  uniqueness and depth of talent mean they have a consistency of brilliance that most bands can only dream of’ (The Afterword)


‘Musical miniatures imbued with the West Country landscape. Exquisite, within and without. Four stars’ (Songlines)

‘Intelligent, finely nuanced music full of fresh ideas. It really does invite and reward repeated listens’ (Folk Radio UK)

‘A chamber folk version of hygge, South Somerset’s instrumental equivalent of Under Milk Wood. There should be grants and awards for making an album like this: Folk’s equivalent of Poet Laureate. You will not hear anything like this again this year’ (Fatea)

‘A lovely rustic journey of discovery’ (At The Barrier)

‘The hidden music of our green and pleasant land…riddled with complex rhythms, mood shifts and instrumental vagaries strung together through an internal logic all their own’ (Bristol 24/7)

‘A genuinely organic purpose and a flair both for the elegiac and the broad sweeping statement’ (RnR)

Live At The Old Barn, Kelston Roundhill

‘A very talented trio & a fantastic release. Spellbinding’ (Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3 Record Review)

‘The perfect introduction to the unique and quietly impassioned music of Three Cane Whale’ (fRoots, Playlist Album Choice)

‘Music as a primal whisper. It is difficult not to picture a captivated audience in a long-forgotten inn or travellers sharing stories around a campfire’ (Dancing About Architecture)


‘Exquisite, elegant, atmospheric and charmingly quirky….a shifting mosaic of musical textures. 4 stars’ (Robin Denselow, The Guardian)

‘A beguiling album of wordless paeans to rural southern England. Quiet but compellingly emotional music that is richly-textured and containing melodies of real beauty. 5 stars’ (fRoots, Playlist Album Choice)

‘A beautiful, contemplative set, another jewel to add to the musical box of miniature treasures that is Three Cane Whale. 4 stars” (Tim Cumming, Songlines)

‘This charming album is an elegant treat. 4 stars’ (The Telegraph, Best Folk Music Albums Of 2016)

‘Music of space, time and thought. A lovely way to start a new year. 4 stars’ (The Independent On Sunday)

‘These West Country pastoral miniaturists combine minimalist folk with a generous welcome to new instrumentation. 4 stars’ (David Honigmann, The Financial Times)

‘Those looking for new experiences in folk music would do well to direct their ears to Three Cane Whale. Palimpsest is perfectly titled, and production by Portishead’s Adrian Utley only adds to the sense of wonder. 4 stars’ (The Irish Times)

‘Uniformly gorgeous…rustic but sophisticated. 4 stars’ (The Mail On Sunday)

‘A shifting matrix of brass, chimes and diverse strings…its sense of rural enchantment is unwavering’ (Neil Spencer, The Observer)

‘An intoxicating collection of modern folk vignettes’ (The Daily Express)

‘These multi-instrumentalists are the living heart of what folk music should be. As captivating as it is minimal, Palimpsest is a beauty’ (Tyran Grillo, RootsWorld, USA)

‘The soundtrack for a classic serial of Thomas Hardy?’ (Simon Broughton, Evening Standard)

‘Their delicate acoustic constructions combine ancient folk and contemporary classical ideas to weave an entirely original new musical tradition’ (Bristol 24/7)

‘Utterly charmingly pastoral, wonderfully unique and effortlessly timeless…the 21 tracks found here sound like the metabolic functions of a living landscape, its very heartbeat, its breath’ (Dancing About Architecture)

‘Deceptively simple, it has a stark beauty that could easily appeal to a much wider audience’ (Fear And Loathing Fanzine)

Palimpsest drapes its cool tunes over the listener like a warm blanket on a cold evening. It’s a thing of beauty, to love and cherish. 9 out of 10″ (

‘Delicate, subtle, charming, entrancing, beautiful. There is nothing else like this out there at the moment’ (Americana UK)

Holts and Hovers

‘Fascinating and remarkable…would make a great film project. Four stars’
(Robin Denselow, The Guardian)

‘Betjemanian lyricism…the aroma of muddy leaves and old nettles is almost tangible. A delight’ (Neil Spencer, The Observer, Hidden Gems Of 2013)

‘Like otters – darting, mercurial, sudden, sinuous. An ambitious project, exquisitely realised’ (Ian Kearey, fRoots)

‘The delicate chimes of string instruments and glockenspiel sound like the innards of an old grandfather clock, with a Trumpton-esque trumpet parping over the top. Marvellous. Five stars’ (Phil Johnson, The Independent)

‘It’s a shining music box full of hidden compartments, unfolding gossamer-fine micro-patterns, and it is quietly, utterly enchanting. Four stars’ (Tim Cumming, Songlines)

‘Like finding a box of glass lantern slides and looking at them in a dusty attic. Three Cane Whale are one of a kind, quirky without pretence, and strikingly original. Four stars’ (Oz Hardwick, R2)

‘Many of the pieces are soundtracked by the trill of birdsong or rivers rippling like rounds of applause…glorious’ (Alex Neilson, The Wire)

‘Astonishingly eclectic…atmospheric, beautiful and haunting’ (EDS Winter 2013)

‘Joyous and uplifting. Its simplicity is its strength’ (Rich Hughes, The Liminal)

‘Delightfully eccentric and beautiful’ (The Irish Times)

‘At times as delicate as a music box, at times dark and swirling, it’s a thing of real beauty whose charms and secrets reveal themselves with extensive plays’ (The Fortnightly-ish Review)

Three Cane Whale

‘Perfect. A glorious adventure into new folk’  (Cerys Matthews, BBC 6Radio / Sunday Telegraph)

‘Ever-inventive’ (Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction)

‘Elegant and atmospheric. An impressively original debut. Four stars’ (Robin Denselow, The Guardian)

‘An air of enchanted impressionism. Album Of The Week’ (Tim Cumming, The Independent)

‘A hazy shimmer. Four stars’ (David Honigmann, Financial Times)

‘Unusual and enchanting. Waves of delightfully understated melody and rhythm. A distinctive pleasure. Four stars’ (The Irish Times)

‘Measured, elegant, boundary-denying…Three Cane Whale’s unsentimental yet kind precision will lighten your load. Four stars’ (Mojo)

‘Think of the way light refracts through a raindrop. Intricate, atmospheric and simply beautiful. Four stars” (R2)

‘They bestride not just centuries of instrumentation but genres. Mesmerising’ (Q)

‘Snapshots of music that sound like they’ve been drawn from nature. A warming cinematic landscape, a magical journey. Rewarding listening indeed’ (Songlines)

‘Captivating, singular and intricate’ (Uncut)

‘Unutterably lovely compositions altogether too delicate for concrete description’  (Venue)

‘This trio hoe their own row, and do so very successfully, creating singular, contemplative and seductive moods and atmospheres. Wonderful’ (fRoots)

‘Without doubt the kind of album that will grow with further listening and a good bottle of something alcoholic. Pleasing and unexpected’ (Jonny Trunk, Record Collector)

‘The kind of album that, once the secret is revealed, the listener will want to share, to compel their friends to listen, to explore. This album can be full of mirth or solemn, it can be as fresh and open as a deep blanket of snow, or as full of texture, colour and chaos as a pile of autumn leaves the moment the wind hits. Five stars’ (Folk Radio)

‘Superbly executed, melodically uplifting. An album of understated quality. I was reminded of the very best of the Incredible String Band’ (PennyBlackMusic)

‘An aesthetic that speaks to a wealth of musical traditions and triggers a broad range of emotions.  Four stars’ (The Skinny)

‘A mesmerising collage of jazz, alt-folk and acoustic lo-fi rumblings that plays out like the soundtrack to a particularly obscure French arthouse film. A beautiful, fragile and utterly absorbing collection of music that is one of those rare beasts, an album that needs to be played through from start to finish. 8 out of 10’ (The Digital Fix)

‘Simply beautiful’ (AAA Music)

‘Hard to categorise but peculiarly affecting: through your headphones, the world seems a delicate, pastoral & slightly surreal place’ (Word)

‘There’s nothing like the sound of a great group of musicians coming together under a new and fresh banner. Wonderfully alive and organic’ (The Liminal)

‘Bristol’s experi-folk trio build works of minimal instrumental beauty to eccentric, uplifting and spellbinding effect’ (Time Out)

‘A quiet gentle beauty. Mesmerising” (Bristol Evening Post)

‘A fantastic record deserving of all kinds of exposure’ (The Local)

‘Unique, hypnotic and genuinely lovely’ (Strange Things Are Happening)

‘Enchanting. A piece of gold leaf, ready to gild the nearest ears it comes in contact with’ (Sloucher)

‘An instrumental masterpiece. Spellbinding, inventive and uniquely uplifting’ (Rhythm and Booze)

‘Minimalism, simplicity and lucidity. Three Cane Whale tick all my boxes for instrumental music’ (LiveMusicFM)